breyer battlefield angel hp "ezra" pinto friesian sporthorse

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This majestic stallion goes by the name "Battlefield Angel" as a tribute to one of his owners, Rhiannon Barreda, a retired Army MEDEVAC helicopter pilot. In combat, the MEDEVAC is referred to as the "Battlefield Angel." Affectionately nicknamed "Ezra," this pinto Friesian Sporthorse is distinguished by his captivating colors and remarkably calm, sweet disposition. Ezra has earned the title of two-time Grand Champion in Dressage, Grand Champion in Dressage Sporthorse Stallion in Hand, and Reserve Champion Friesian Stallion in Hand at the 2021 International Friesian Show Horse Association’s World and Grand National Championships.

(Real horse not included)

Traditional | 1:9 scale | Ages 8+

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