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Vibrant colors, distinctive personalities, and an abundance of flowing mane and tail – these are just a few captivating aspects of the exquisite Gypsy Vanner breed. Originally bred by traveling communities in the United Kingdom, these horses not only possessed breathtaking beauty but also served practical purposes. As reliable modes of transportation, Gypsy Vanners needed strength to pull sizable wagons in caravans, coupled with a gentle disposition suitable for interacting with a family's children. Resembling diminutive drafts, Gypsy Vanners are characterized by heavy feathering on their legs, along with lush manes and tails. Their diversity extends to colors and patterns, including piebald (black and white tobiano), skewbald (combinations of brown, red, and white, including tri-colored tobiano), and blagdon (solid color with white splashed up from underneath). The inaugural introduction of Gypsy Vanners to the United States occurred in 1996. Presently, this robust and intelligent breed is gaining widespread popularity, finding applications in driving, serving as riding mounts, and showcasing their presence on trails and in the show ring. 

Traditional | 1:9 scale | Ages 8+

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